Time to go bananas!

sustainable  breakfast cereal made from real bananas

But the magic is that bananas are not just

simple bananas!

Take a closer look...

We make our BanaBooms from saved bananas.

Crazy, right?

We believe that no food should be wasted! We give a second chance to bananas that are yellow and spotty but still fresh by turning them into a breakfast cereal for a great start into your day.

Read more about our banana rescue mission here.

BanaBooms are not just good-looking and tasty but also:

No added sugar.

No more tons of hidden sugar to manipulate your taste buds. Just  natural sweetness from ripe bananas.

Sustainably sourced.

We use saved bananas that have made aaaall the way to Europe but cannot be sold simply for cosmetic reasons. Our mission is to do our best to reduce unnecessary food waste.


Simple. No animal was hurt and no animal derived products were used. Honest and fair to humans, animals and the planet.

Gluten free.

We want everyone to enjoy sustainable crunchy food with no hurdles. For all that are
united by a passion for taste and respect for the environment.

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