Our mission


An easy and healthy snack, so yellow and cheerful, and carefully pre-packaged by nature. But why save them?

Each year Germany alone suffers food waste that amounts to 550 000 tons, 56 000 tons of which bananas.
Supermarkets have to dispose tons of bananas just because they are not pretty enough - the moment they get brown spots on their peals or get too yellow.

That’s where we step in. We believe that food waste is a waste of resources: neglecting human labor, water, and land. This leads to CO
2 emissions and wasteful logistics efforts.
Bananas make their way to Europe from the most distant parts of the world just to end up in trash.

Carefully collecting ripe bananas that cannot be sold anymore from supermarkets we create BanaBooms, the first fruit based, naturally sweet breakfast cereal. Just imagine: after waking up, showering with your soap bar and brushing your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush, you enjoy our sustainable BanaBooms for breakfast.

A crunchy, hearty and fun breakfast without compromising on taste.

Our mission is to create a transparent food system with honest products for people. We make responsible consumption available and easy. By fighting food waste from the very core of our company, we reshape the existing world of food products.

We save food by bringing you a no-guilt portion of self-indulgence.

Fighting food waste by enjoying your breakfast and snacks?
Sounds good to us!